What Can You Find In The Vivo Y21?


There are many reasons why the Vivo Y21 is being considered as one of the best smart phones available in the market today. For those who have not already seen its features, here is a short review about what you can expect from this phone. The phone comes with a compact form factor that is very easy to hold. It is also extremely lightweight which makes it easy for anyone to pocket and go wherever they may need to go. vivo y21

4.5″ HD display with capacitive multitouch buttons The Vivo Y21 comes with a beautiful HD capacitive touchscreen display with a high definition display that looks absolutely gorgeous. In addition to this, the phone has a nice dual camera module with an eight megapixel camera lens on the rear as well as a five megapixel lens on the front. To enhance functionality, the Vivo Y21 also features a heart rate monitor, built-in Android Auto functionality and many premium Android applications such as Google Maps, Google Talk, Google Places, YouTube, Google Earth and many others. If you are looking for a phone that provides a seamless user interface, has attractive aesthetics and offers a large screen that easily fits in one’s pocket, then the Vivo Y21 is the right smartphone for you.

Multi-point security The OSS sensor technology found in the Vivo Y21 allows for multiple users to gain access to the device at the same time. This multi-point security system will allow for the device to lock or unlock via facial recognition or through touch based entry. By doing this, you will be able to log in as a different individual and change passwords quickly and easily. The OSS sensor also provides complete protection against proximity theft, which means that it will shut down if it senses any level of physical contact between the phone and its user.

Storage and Software Package The phone comes with a large storage capacity which gives users plenty of space to store data. It also comes with a large compliment of software which allows you to enjoy a number of functions. The software bundle includes Android Kit Kat 4.4, Google Now and Gmail. With the Vivo Y21, you get a fully functional Windows Mobile handset along with Windows CE operating system. The software package also includes MMS, Windows Live Tile, and Microsoft Exchange support.

Key features The phone comes with a large LCD display, six-megapixel camera with laser auto-focus, optical image stabilization, true color keyboard, and a high definition video camera. The camera on the OVI Y21 is similar to the iPhone in terms of quality. Furthermore, the phone comes with a large 6.50-inch touchscreen display which gives users an excellent viewing experience. The phone also comes with a wide screen which makes it perfect for browsing the internet or checking your email. The phone also has a dual-mode operation where it can be used as a PDA as well as a cell phone.

Video camera The camera on the Y21 is one of the best in the market today and can easily capture videos up to HD quality. When you review the video, you will see that there are actually two cameras on the Y21. This gives users the chance to take videos while on the go. To conclude, the Vivo Y21 is perfect for someone who wants a high-quality cell phone capable of taking great photos. By downloading a few free apps, you will have enough functionality so that you can record videos with high quality.

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